Friday, November 21, 2014

Top 10 Sites To Send Free SMS Text Messages To Cell Phones

With SMS messages becoming a key utility in today’s modern world, we are finding ourselves sending more and more of them. But the telecommunications industry is charging a fairly high price on 160 characters. So what can we do about it? We can send free SMS messages.

The only downside with this is that you have to be sitting in front of a computer, unless of course you have one of those hi-tech phones with internet capabilities.
So where are these free SMS hiding? We’ll expose them now.

Here are Top 10 Sites To Send Free SMS Text Messages To Cell Phones.


If you are anywhere but in Australia, unfortunately this service will not work for you. But if you are, Yakedi is absolutely the BEST site to send free SMS messages to Australian and New Zealand users. I have been using this site for years now. When I first joined, they offered unlimited Send free SMS messages. Unfortunately, they reduced it down to 10, now it is a steady 3 per day.


A friend referred me to this program to Send Free SMS, however, it is not as good as Yakedi as you will see why in the pros and cons.


  • Contains an phone book
  • Messages come from your number
  • free SMS messages take roughly 5 seconds to receive
  • Contains a number of other services
  • You can schedule your SMS messages
  • Provides a number of ways to send free text messages to cell phones such as through the web, email and allows you to turn English text into SMS slang


  • You have to do a one minute survey before you can start using the service, which gives you 5 Send free sms messages
  • Send Free SMS may contain ads
  • If your email has a “˜.’ in it, it won’t allow you to sign up
  • You only get 136 characters, which means the rest are advertisements (Free sms message by
  • Unless you want your email inbox to increase, with surveys and advertisments, don’t sign up with an email address you regularly use.

Final Say
Unless you want to do surveys all the time, SMSPup is OK. It still can’t beat Yakedi.


SMSFun not only allows you to Send free SMS messages but you also join part of a community. You have access to forums, User Profiles and Useful Tools such as number lookups.


Text4Free allows you to send free SMS messages to most countries world-wide. The only downside is that you may have to know your recipient’s cell phone provider, otherwise recipients may be charged.


 You do not need to register and you get 140 characters. This service is only for Australian users,  but it is a quick and free way to send free SMS to a mate.


 You can send free SMS to selected countries only. Registration is now free.


 You need to register your number and your friends number and email address to be able to send free SMS message.


 I have not had any experience with them.  Maybe you have and you can tell us a bit about them?


The good thing about GizmoSMS is that you can send free SMS to any number world-wide. You do not even have to sign up or have a mobile phone number. It is just a web-based form. But without signing up, the mobile number it is from will not be yours and you only get 80 characters.
GizmoSMS is great if you want to send a message or a note to someone who may be overseas. It is quick and easy. If you want a bit more features, you should have a look at Gizmo5 SMS.

As with any website, please read their terms and conditions, and Privacy Policy before entering any personal information. Remember that these sites make their money by advertisements and possibly selling your personal information to third parties. What I suggest is to buy a $2 SIM card to try them out first, just in case they do spam your mobile number, or steal some credit. When testing these services, I have not had these issues yet.